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Look at these beauties!  Each release lovingly curated and painstakingly stuffed with original Canadian content.  Home grown, organic, free ranged, grain fed tunes crafted to perfection purely for your soul.  


Maybe one or two covers slipped in there, somewhere, but they are awesome too! 

Available at all good song steaming outlets and download sites!  See my Music & Merch page or click your favourite streaming service logo on the screen.  

Please enjoy responsibly!

Graven - Golden Garage 2.jpg
Simple Complex - 2022.jpg
Zenith The Meadow cover art.jpg
Charles Called It Anthemic cover art.jpg
Graven - Golden Garage 1.jpg
Denmark Death Metal Demo Xmas cover art.jpg
Hometown Bringdown cover art.jpg
Western Way.jpg
Pilot Light Out.jpg
Getting pretty good at being ok cover art - 2023.jpg
Years cover art.jpg
Channelsurfing The Seas of the Cinematic Mind.jpg
Valley Theory cover art.jpg
Snowy Mountain
Live at the Carleton Hotel - 2023.jpg
Hymnal cover art.jpg
Feel Real.jpg
From Mountainview To Canyon Heart cover art.jpg


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